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Image for Unlocking The Secrets In Old Photographs

Unlocking The Secrets In Old Photographs

By: Frisch-Ripley, Karen

Price: $16.95  $16.94

Publisher: Salt Lake City, Ancestry, Inc.: 1991

Our Product Number: MSP002

ISBN: 0916489507

Condition: New

Index. . 190 pages. Based on years of photographic research experience, the author explains methods of analyzing photographs historically. She outlines how you can recognize architecture, clothing, monuments, and other objects in photos; how to document and catalog your photos; and where you can find additional help. View more info

Image for Windows on the Past :  Identifying, Dating and Preserving Photographs

Windows on the Past : Identifying, Dating and Preserving Photographs

By: Gagel, Diane VanSkiver

Price: $17.00  $16.99

Publisher: Bowie, Heritage Books, Inc.: 2000

Our Product Number: MSP005

ISBN: 0788416200

Condition: New

Illus. . 95 pages. A useful guide to dating and caring for photographic collections. This book opens with the identification and care of non-paper photographs such as daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes; and paper photographs such as carte de visites, cabinet cards, and other photographs including 20th Century photographs. Preservation through computer technology is covered. A chapter devoted to dating photographs through costumes and props is organized by decade. View more info

Preserving Your Family Photographs

By: Taylor, Maureen A.

Price: $19.99  $19.98

Publisher: Cincinnati, Betterway Books: 2001

Our Product Number: MSP004

ISBN: 1558705791

Condition: New

246 pp., index. The author shows you how to organize and store the most cherished images of your ancestors so that future generations can enjoy them as well. You will learn how to care for family photographs, identify different types of damage, use basic conservation techniques, buy proper storage materials, then organize your family photo archive and safely display it for all to see.. 246 pages View more info